LEX Advantage - 1031 Exchange Lawyers Equity Exchange (“LEX”) is a California corporation established to assist investors qualify property trades for tax-deferred treatment under Section 1031 of the Internal Revenue Code.

LEX is a “Qualified Intermediary” as defined by IRS Regulations. The firm offers investors a safe, cost-effective program for facilitating all types of exchanges: forward delayed (Starker-type), simultaneous and, via referral, reverse or parking arrangements. Trades are conducted throughout the United States.

The LEX Advantage

Every exchange transaction handled by LEX gets top professional level attention. LEX clients are not left to discuss their 1031 trades with intake workers and clerks. Too much is at stake to risk doing otherwise. Obtaining top-level professional help doesn’t add to the cost of your exchange.

All exchange funds are held by LEX in separate client accounts. LEX does not commingle exchange funds of its clients nor with operating funds belonging to LEX. Each client account is held in a money market account with daily liquidity. For a modest additional charge, clients may have joint signature power on their account for withdrawals for extra security.